It Only Took Six Words

An interesting couple of days for me.  Sometimes even seemingly innocuous remarks can alter ones thought process.

Two days ago, I was asked by a publishing company director, “In six words, how do you sum yourself up?”  Normally that would have had me wrestling with what to say.  But spontaneously, and before I gave it any thought, I wrote:

Saw the World, Now I Write

I hit the send button before I could think about it – before I even digested the significance of what I had written.  And you know what?  I realized how comfortable I have become with my life experiences.
I arrived line by line to this point, just like my life had evolved by living here and around the world.  With each line and each experience, it allowed me to see things more clearly.

Regardless of how my negotiation goes with this astute publisher, I will one day thank her for her question and my realization that – from those six words – I knew who I was.