Symbols and Myths

Symbols and myths.  They have propelled mankind through all recorded history.
What are they to me?  What gives meaning spiritually to my conscious and my unknown subconscious predilections?
They manifest in totem poles of creatures, for some. Others use religious icons or even architecture. The symbols have stories, and the myths describe the pursuits of mankind.
What is it in me that has an affinity and kinship with symbols?  Somehow they give me silent assurances for the directions taken in my life.
My symbols have come to me experientially.  So they are personal.
Like a perpetual burning pilot light ready to ignite my actions and brighten my path.
I call on them in my imagination, or carry them in my pictures and carved objects.
I sit with them and dream of South America.  My symbol is everywhere.
The Dragonfly – it’s the oldest known fossil ever found.  Over 330 million years on earth.
It leads me through my imagined beginning and karma here.
The dragonfly can change direction quickly and sees everything in multiples.
It is an earth traveler and is virtually everywhere on earth.
It has seen me near death, and held me safe.
Who could explain that away?
Not me.
It is my Dragonfly…
I can believe in symbols. I am my own desired myth.