What Me Worry?

Why should I worry about too much?
My life span is nothing in the measure of time.
I care little about what peer group detractors think with their nanosecond presence here.
Four billion years ago, the earth was bombarded by asteroids, and we started again from scratch.
We became a cooling planet from which we emerged again from minerals and water.
And of late, a mere 65 million years ago, more asteroids in Australia and the Yucatan.
Yep, another start-up civilization from outer space carbon and that iridium layer which destroyed our house pet, the dinosaur.
So, take yourself seriously if you must…  Just don’t waste my abbreviated time here with your opinions and self-righteous proclamations. All you are showing is your inflated idea of your place in all of this.

What, me worry? Step aside Alfred E. Neuman.