A Hike Beyond Description

There I was…  At about 9,000 feet looking at a stormfront moving in…

At 60 to 70 feet away it stopped snowing, hailing, raining…  All at once.

The storm just wasn’t moving and then it slowly started toward me again.

A softer wind pushing it my way.

I was looking for rock crevice shelter and then something came over me.

I stood in wonder; I didn’t care if I got soaked…

I just accepted the grace of it all.  A cleansing baptism of sorts.

This gift of rain came within 30 feet of me and stopped for good.

As if nature just curtseyed to me.

I bowed in return…  Electric in spirit and wondering how I might repay the favor.

All I could do was say Thank You.

I knew my place there, and I felt my humility.