Veteran’s Day 2015

Remembering Fellow Warriors This Veteran’s Day

It seems ages ago.
And yet it still goes on.
More wars, since our own as young men and women.
Aren’t we always with those we left behind?
Then, when we were still “pressing on” to the next objective.
Nothing deterred us from our orders, and our duty.
The warrior code embedded in our souls… Timelessly it seemed.
We were then moving forward, not looking back, as done eons ago.
Looking back was to accede to defeat or worse, to surrender.
Our Rubik cube of patriotism directed at each turn by the miscreant political leaders.
We the rudderless, without virtuous foreign policy in the maze of killing for the enemies natural resources.
As a senior adult, I see us attacking other countries preemptively. Something new in our history. But done efficiently – then leaving those countries in squalor, for over fifty years now.
I surrender now to the idea of negotiation and peace first.
Let the boils and abscesses of war be pricked and oozed upon those who would send us there. Let the politicians send their daughters and sons into harm’s way as we keep setting foot on foreign soil.
And let them not forget, their kids might be re-extended repeatedly.
We voters must make our leaders pay for the destruction reaped by their ugly Siamese twin -War.
War crimes are yet to be prosecuted.
And finally, after fifty years we the common citizen must live with what we created.
A pissed off world. We needn’t spend too much time wondering why.
Our military is in virtually every country in the world with bases and troops.
Does it seem odd, that we allow no one from any other country – friend or foe to be here in the U.S.?
Foreign Policy should not be based in the acquisition of foreign resources as its sole goal.
Arms sales and preemptive wars – a boon to so few here at home.
We the people led by so few.
Those that lead us to so little good overseas and at home.
A spent treasury and needlessly spent lives?
Then go yourself to these foreign lands, there will be plenty of weapons to pick up for your indulgence.