My Ode to Doug Tompkins • Conservationist

One is blessed.
All are blessed.
The earth is blessed.
The heavens are blessed.

This bubble we live in has been ruptured momentarily
So Doug Tompkins can join the elements of time and space
From Chile, which he admired and lived to protect our footing.
The Tompkins Template – our guide on for conservation everywhere.

Giving up his post he had been sentinel to
This event our perpetual reminder to keep pressing on in his name and legacy.

I, and all, grieve for the loss of a guardian of nature’s spirit
Which he left behind for us to appreciate more.

And I can only attempt to think and write of him
As a spirit that only nature could truly love fully.

He died
With yet another awakening
To get to next.

Corporate Christmas Indigestion • An observation needing a period

I ate a holiday meal last night
A corporate Christmas offering
I looked at my plate and those around me
All uncomfortable, pressed stiff with starch
All in their appropriate seating placements, according to the Pecking Order
Plates filled looking like frozen food dinners
The veggies on one side, the meat on the other
The attendees – like the food – seemed stilted, lacking in warmth
We all furtively looking around and pondering
Together, we the corporate penguin look-alike types
But what for? Really? It’s expected – That’s why
No joy or warmth and it is Christmas season too boot
We had to attend, and to finish this party that seemed more like a wake
The grand finale, flat gummy cheesecake to celebrate
Where is the pie? That gives real comfort upon which we rely
If I had taken a vote
A unanimous decision would invoke
That all corporate Christmas dinners must die!