James Milton Smith


James Milton Smith is the author of The Fourth Pillar, a novel soon to be published. It is a vivid story about a young man who discovers what really happens behind the scenes when he is thrust into a Secret War in Laos.  James has also published four books of poetry.  Clumsy Love expresses humorous and thoughtful observations on love, romance and relationships – from a man’s point of view.  Whose Nature? Yours, Mine, Its? and Second Nature – Yours, Mine, Its? are collections of poems inspired by James’ outdoor experiences in the Pacific Northwest and from travels around the world.  Most recently he released a haiku collection titled Stone Deaf Sound Waves.

A graduate of Cal Poly and Thunderbird School of Global Management, James is a former Marine, and a retired entrepreneur and international businessman. A good part of his professional life was spent living overseas living in Europe, South America, and the Orient.

James lives in the mountains of rural Oregon where he is currently working on a new novel and a collection of poetry.