Stone Deaf Sound Waves

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Haiku are an age-old Japanese poetry form organized in lines of 5-7-5 syllables. Stone Deaf Sound Waves is a westerner’s impression of these wonderfully expressed and compact lines. The poems convey visualizations and understandings that touch the spirit of the reader. They are humorous, irreverent and thought-provoking, and include observations on nature, life, love, and the innermost feelings we all have.


To Those Who Don't Get Haiku
a haiku to most 
seemingly abstract when seen 
one must visualize
five seven five syllables
a new world within


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Arboreal Tango
The wind blowing hard
Two trees, limbs touching... Dancing
This sexy Tango

A Closet Full of Hats
I have many hats
All of which I rarely wear
Hair is what I wear

An Ol' Zen Koan, and Then I Say
It has been asked
What is the color of wind?
Same color as thought

War Dreams
That monster hiding
Behind that pillow... Lurking
War's harsh subconscious

Sleeping Tao
Word combinations
 Motionless words still sleeping
 Action ‘wakens Tao

Love's Glowing
Still glowing... We two
Our lovemaking, our fire spent
But we - like embers

Human Shortsightedness
Dragonfly on high
Many prisms... Eyes seeing all
Me, here - Shortsighted

Tao To Me
Tao is like breathing -
 It cannot be held for long -