The Fourth Pillar Impending Publication Release and Current Press Releases re: Laos and Vietnam

My latest book ready for publication–The Fourth Pillar –is about the United State’s secret war in Laos that occurred during the lead-up to the Vietnam War. An insightful story about a U.S. paramilitary individual who survives the war and later lives with PTSD, it has an incredible and unexpected ending.

It is becoming more obvious, given the recent publicity about that ignominious war, that the secret war United States waged in Laos is finally getting its deserved attention. The following point toward future reader acceptance of my book The Fourth Pillar:

  • President Obama, in a worldwide statement, announced that the U.S. has pledged $90 million to help clean up an estimated 80 million unexploded cluster bombs left in Laos.

  • Especially relevant, Ken Burns is doing a documentary on the Vietnam War.

  • Furthermore, Steven Spielberg will be releasing a movie in 2017 on Walter Cronkite and his part in ending the Vietnam War.

This is a remarkable confluence that Ken Burns and Steven Spielberg are doing films on history that is pertinent and complimentary to my work on the secret war in Laos.

Watch for the release of The Fourth Pillar!


Vietnam Veterans of America Book Review

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) online publication of VVA Veteran just reviewed James’ book Secrets Brought Home.

VVA is the only national Vietnam veterans organization congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families.

Please visit the VVA Veteran’s Books in Review II to see the complete review by David Willson of Secrets Brought Home.

Extracts from the review by David Willson:
“O’Brien conducted patrols with teams of three or four men, ‘two PARU special guerrilla soldiers and two Hmong soldiers.’ They interdict the enemy and observe his strengths, locations and directions of advancement. This activity is like being ‘stuck to a tar baby Jungian bad dream,’ Smith writes. The ‘secret war in Laos had become a tapeworm in Owen’s gut.’ ”

“This is an erudite book, and is well edited and well written. It is not for the lazy reader. But anyone interested in the secret war in Laos should consider starting with this book. It is written by a man who knows war from the ground level and does not mince words about it.”