Stone Deaf Sound Waves

Stone Deaf Sound Waves is a book of haiku.

Stone Deaf Sound Waves

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 Haiku are an age-old Japanese poetry form organized in lines of 5-7-5 syllables.
Stone Deaf Sound Waves is a westerner’s impression of these wonderfully expressed and compact lines.
The poems convey visualizations and understandings that touch the spirit of the reader.
They are humorous, irreverent and thought-provoking,
and include observations on nature, life, love, and the innermost feelings we all have.


Those stone deaf sound waves -
 Surround lake rocks, rippled smiles -
Melodic muteness

Why Haiku?

A former Marine writing Haiku?
Stranger things do happen.
Yes, our lives and our orders are often delivered in mental shorthand.
Experience is the great abbreviator of unnecessary long-winded and confusing declarations.
I choose Haiku because it creates image, metaphor, and clean short precise understanding.
A Haiku is a picture, always painting itself to me.