My Ode to Doug Tompkins • Conservationist

One is blessed.
All are blessed.
The earth is blessed.
The heavens are blessed.

This bubble we live in has been ruptured momentarily
So Doug Tompkins can join the elements of time and space
From Chile, which he admired and lived to protect our footing.
The Tompkins Template – our guide on for conservation everywhere.

Giving up his post he had been sentinel to
This event our perpetual reminder to keep pressing on in his name and legacy.

I, and all, grieve for the loss of a guardian of nature’s spirit
Which he left behind for us to appreciate more.

And I can only attempt to think and write of him
As a spirit that only nature could truly love fully.

He died
With yet another awakening
To get to next.

A Hike Beyond Description

There I was…  At about 9,000 feet looking at a stormfront moving in…

At 60 to 70 feet away it stopped snowing, hailing, raining…  All at once.

The storm just wasn’t moving and then it slowly started toward me again.

A softer wind pushing it my way.

I was looking for rock crevice shelter and then something came over me.

I stood in wonder; I didn’t care if I got soaked…

I just accepted the grace of it all.  A cleansing baptism of sorts.

This gift of rain came within 30 feet of me and stopped for good.

As if nature just curtseyed to me.

I bowed in return…  Electric in spirit and wondering how I might repay the favor.

All I could do was say Thank You.

I knew my place there, and I felt my humility.

Pucon, Chile. That Seductive Flower

I stopped and peered at this one flower in the Hotel Antumalal Garden

My mind slid down its petals

Damp and seductive

I felt as though I was usurping an unsuspecting bee

Of his divine maiden

I felt a twinge of erotic guilt

Yet, did not this flower, She –

Keep herself open for me?

And me, with the glee of a kid

Stolen cookies in hand –

Took one last glance and moved on…

With nectar in my mind

And no guilt held toward that bee

It greedily elsewhere

But here, Cuckolded…

Stone Deaf Sound Waves

Stone Deaf Sound Waves is a book of haiku.

Stone Deaf Sound Waves

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 Haiku are an age-old Japanese poetry form organized in lines of 5-7-5 syllables.
Stone Deaf Sound Waves is a westerner’s impression of these wonderfully expressed and compact lines.
The poems convey visualizations and understandings that touch the spirit of the reader.
They are humorous, irreverent and thought-provoking,
and include observations on nature, life, love, and the innermost feelings we all have.


Those stone deaf sound waves -
 Surround lake rocks, rippled smiles -
Melodic muteness