Xenophobia – Wish we could all say….

I have said to some that were clearly Xenophobic –

“I want to like you. You have no reason to dislike me personally.

You don’t know me. Your opinions have been learned without me in them.

Let’s talk about what we have in common in humankind.”


It worked about half the time. That was a good start I thought, and still do.

It is painless to listen if the other asks to be heard.


jms  3-1-2017




Excerpt from The Fourth Pillar by James Milton Smith

Sharing an excerpt from my latest novel The Fourth Pillar which is ready to be published in 2016.

Everything Owen learned about what was going on in Laos was perilous to know. He wasn’t quite sure how dangerous but he could feel the danger growing in the marrow of his uninformed mind. In his mind, the secret war appeared to be executed by different people with different resources and objectives, all conducting their disparate campaigns on the orders of dark-spirited clandestine leaders plotting in dark rooms. Maybe in Saigon. Maybe all the way back in Washington.
Owen, thinking of the gladiators who would say to Caesar, Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant, (Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you) developed his own credo:
“We the young soldiers, the expendables, delivered at their behest–our actions to harvest war’s evil deeds–the sowing of the seeds of war and the reaping of death that will mark us forever with the unrelenting punishment of remembrance. The politicians and secret leaders will mark the orders they gave ‘Top Secret’ and redact us from the false documents they created, and they will sleep like babies. It is by design, a secret war. A Redacted War.”


We have moved from one country to another.
To overcome our inconveniences or things worse.
And then, once there…
Do our damndest to deny the new immigrants illegally or not, the same choice we made.
We protect our boundaries from those we left behind.
Is it any surprise each new country is doomed ultimately to the migrations he once tried?
Necessity knows no boundaries or politics.  This will forever be the history of man.
And with those people who can’t change their own environment, they will revolt, and if they lose –
They will migrate…  Just as we did, at the expense of the Indians.