We Are Shadow Puppets To A New Regime

Wayang Kulit

Words unfamiliar unless you are Indonesian or South East Asian.

Shakespeare said it —

“All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”


But what of the shadow world we hide behind, or are led by?

Shadow dancers on the silk screen acting out…

These shadow puppet images showing the foibles and understandings

of humanity, and perhaps, the observer.

Sitting in the darkened audience of dancing gyrating shadow puppets.

Feeling our own impulses rise and fall to ancient Far Eastern music.

Thinking we are separate, yet feeling like an accomplice to the clandestine stories played out on the tiny stage…

These therapeutic or disturbing displays of puppet voices, dancing and acting out –

Allow us to live vicariously, safe, and apart from criticism of those who cannot read our minds, yet sit right along side us.

Shadows reflected

We watch and listen and anticipate even the obvious endings.

Tragedies and humor reflected in the dark shadows of our own lives.

Shadows dancing across our minds as they are on silkworm screens.

We see ourselves, but do not want those near us to see our likeness.

Our innards, kept in the privacy of our own internal Wayang Kulit theatres.

All the world’s peoples at times needing relief, much the same as portrayed in the darkened theatre of the Wayang Kulit…

This safe haven, offering relief, like our own movie theatres – sans puppets.

We all have this in common – we must exit outside into the glare of our political futures.

The voices of the Wayang Kulit theatre still in our heads, to syncopate with more renditions of our impending world apprehensions.

And it is true, the world is a stage, and may the hero or heroine, prevail.


JMS  1-1-2017


Religion and Churches

Which Hidebound Religion?

Churches –

I have been in many.

Religions –

I have tried many.

It is always the people within the churches who muddle my idea of a Creator’s intent.


My worship takes place in the pew of Nature.

Nature does not evangelize, dictate, or judge.

It is, just is… And that is the bare truth.

No theorizing required.

Nature asks no membership fees. “It” is available every moment of our lives.

What could be better?

Guess that recognition makes me a self-proclaimed “PanTao.”

I have become a Pantheist and Taoist.

Not a hidebound religion.

When I have a question, I go direct and avoid the middleman religions.

Stone Deaf Sound Waves

Stone Deaf Sound Waves is a book of haiku.

Stone Deaf Sound Waves

• Learn more about Stone Deaf Sound Waves.

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 Haiku are an age-old Japanese poetry form organized in lines of 5-7-5 syllables.
Stone Deaf Sound Waves is a westerner’s impression of these wonderfully expressed and compact lines.
The poems convey visualizations and understandings that touch the spirit of the reader.
They are humorous, irreverent and thought-provoking,
and include observations on nature, life, love, and the innermost feelings we all have.


Those stone deaf sound waves -
 Surround lake rocks, rippled smiles -
Melodic muteness

Why Haiku?

A former Marine writing Haiku?
Stranger things do happen.
Yes, our lives and our orders are often delivered in mental shorthand.
Experience is the great abbreviator of unnecessary long-winded and confusing declarations.
I choose Haiku because it creates image, metaphor, and clean short precise understanding.
A Haiku is a picture, always painting itself to me.